Mats Detailing is the company to contact for all your detailing
needs and more. We're car enthusiasts driven by passion and understand the need for quality work. Our commitment is using only the highest quality products, meaning that your rides whatever the budget, recieve the utmost care and quality.

We are Waikatos installer for FireballNZ Ceramic Coatings.
Fireball Ceramic Coatings offer long term protection for your pride and joy. Your car is likely one of the most expensive assets you own; so why leave it exposed to degradation by the elements with subpar products that need continual re-application. Ceramic Coatings act as a set and forget; lasting from 2 to 10 years when installed by authorised
applicators and are secured by a manufacturer backed warranty. As well as incredible gloss and depth; the nanotechnology in a hard Fireball Ceramic Coating allows it to resist light scratches and repel dirt, dust and UV. Intense hydrophobic properties make it easier to wash and dry your vehicle while benefiting from a surface which stays and looks cleaner for longer.

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    "My hats off to Mats Detailing for delivery a high quality service with a smile and at a very reasonable price.We would recommend this or any of the services on offer by Mats Detailing as we have had nothing but our expectations exceeded."


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    "Great experience with Mats Detailing. Mat has done four of my cars now and more booked in with him. Love the attention to detail and communication Really impressed Thanks heaps"

    ~Matt (MotorHead Classics)

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    "Really happy with the results on my new car. Mathias is super diligent and professional. He always explains the process and gives training on care and maintenance. The detailing work is the best I’ve ever seen. The Dokdo ceramic coating has given a finish superior to that when the car was new. The colour is vibrant and not a swirl or micro scratch to be seen! This is the second car we’ve had Mathias detail for us and very impressed."

    ~ Wayne

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- S (Small): Compact vehicle or hatchback
- M (Medium): Small sedan or coupe
- L (Large): Large sedan or station wagon
- XL: (Extra large): 4WD or van